Oil perfumes

Oil perfumes
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Are you looking for a sensual and intense fragrance to awaken a feeling of exceptionality in you? Treat yourself to an oil perfume and choose one that highlights your personality. The unconventional combinations and dazzling scents will let you shine at work, a party or even on a date.

The interesting thing about perfume oils is that they smell different on everyone, depending on the body’s natural scent, the temperature of the air and the season. This means everyone gets a truly personal and unique fragrance.

The six advantages of oil perfumes:

  • Gentler: they do not contain alcohol, so they do not cause allergic reactions or irritate sensitive skin.
  • Longer-lasting fragrance: oil-based perfumes evaporate more slowly than alcohol.
  • A more intense fragrance: oil is a great carrier for a fragrance, so the perfumes have a strong, sensual scent.
  • They are not irritating or intrusive: enjoy the scent without sneezing. Alcohol-free perfumes won’t irritate sensitive noses.
  • Just a couple of drops: oil perfumes contain up to 60% fragrant essences, up to six times more than regular perfume.
  • Handbag therapy: some fragrant combinations are perfect for soothing you. Have a smell of one just to make you feel good.

Bold oriental oil perfumes

Oriental and Arabian perfume oils form a special category, with their centuries of tradition. Bold ingredients are used to produce them, such as ambergris, rare oud wood, hay, musk oil, sandalwood, myrrh or incense. Thanks to their unconventional fragrance compositions, these perfume oils are truly exceptional, standing out for their piquancy, warmth, woody notes and strong floral scents.

How to apply oil perfume:

Perfume oil is usually applied to the skin using a roll-on like a deodorant. This means the perfume is absorbed quickly and leaves no stains on the skin. The oil is best applied to the pulse points such as the neck, wrists and the creases of your knees, or behind your ears. Your pulse rate is faster in these locations and the heat from it activates the perfume.