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Don’t give up on makeup in the summer just because your skin gets a little shinier. Blotting papers for oily skin absorb excess oil from your forehead, nose or chin to keep your makeup perfect all day long.

Facial oil-blotting sheets take up less space in your handbag than a powder – so you can leave your makeup bag at home.

5 Benefits of Blotting Papers:

  • ✓ They work like a standard blotting paper and absorb excess oil, sweat and impurities to the last drop.
  • ✓ If you use them correctly, they won’t disturb your makeup.
  • ✓ They’re perfect for mattifying your T-zone and décolleté.
  • Fast effect – you’ll get rid of oily skin in one minute.
  • ✓ They’re light and easy to pack, so you can always take them with you.

This is how you use a blotting paper:

  1. Press the paper gently to the shiny area.
  2. Wait a few seconds for the oil to get absorbed.
  3. Never use the paper to wipe your face or you’ll ruin your makeup.
  4. Remove the paper.

Shop blotting papers by brands like NYX Professional Makeup, Dermacol, Shiseido and more, and say good-bye to shiny skin!

Our tip: You don’t need to make peace with oily skin. Quality skin care for oily skin will help you reduce excess sebum production as well as unsightly blackheads. If you’re looking for a faster solution, try a foundation for oily skin which covers all the imperfections that oily skin tends to suffer from.