Floral Waters and Hydrolates

Enjoy a Refreshing Floral Water with a Lovely Scent

Discover the power of flowers and enjoy all of the precious ingredients that come straight from nature. Floral waters and hydrolates offer an instant feeling of freshness, soothe the skin and leave a beautiful scent. They also relieve stress, tiredness and acne. You can enjoy their moisturising and regenerating effects every morning and night while cleansing your skin, or as a refreshment while travelling since they fit into any handbag.

Floral Waters vs Hydrolates

  • A hydrolate is a byproduct of steam distillation of essential oils. The distillation process releases essential oils (which are fat-soluble) and substances that are water-soluble – hydrolates. Hydrolates are much gentle than essential oils and can be applied directly to the skin undiluted. Pure hydrolate contains 100% natural extracts.
  • A small amount of alcohol is sometimes added to hydrolates to improve the preservative properties – in that case, we call the substance a floral water.

Our top tip: Keep your floral waters and hydrolates in the fridge to make them last longer and retain their beautiful aroma as well as amazing effects.

Benefits of Hydrolates and Floral Waters for Skin and Hair

Floral waters and hydrolates have numerous beneficial effects – and not just on your skin. You can use their aromatherapeutic power if you have trouble sleeping, to relieve stress or as a little pick-me-up during the day. They’re also great at helping detangle your hair or moisturise dry and lifeless hair tips. All you need to do is choose the right herb.

  • Lavender water takes gentle care of all skin types including mature, acne-prone and sensitive skin. It expertly soothes irritation and reduces acne and eczema by creating natural pH and removing sebum, impurities and microflora. Its soothing aroma lifts your mood and promotes peaceful sleep. We also recommend lavender water as hair fragrance during the day.
  • Rose water is great for dry, sensitive and mature skin because it restores freshness and vitality by thoroughly hydrating and harmonising the skin. You can also use a rose water toner after cleansing your skin, for regenerating your scalp and hair, or as a cold compress to soothe irritated skin. Its inimitable aroma is a fantastic stress reliever. Our tip: Mix a bit of rose water with your favourite moisturiser in your palm for some extra refreshing results.
  • Chamomile water reduces swelling, itching and irritation while promoting regeneration. It’s also a great complementary product for makeup removal and skin cleansing. Its aroma helps with migraines and increased stress levels.

Lavender water for acne, cornflower water for oily skin, soothing rosemary water or floral water for babies – Notino offers quality hydrolates and floral waters suitable for everyday skin care with uplifting effects thanks to their gorgeous aromas. Find the right one for you today!