Konjak Sponge

Konjak sponge for face

Try a trendy konjak sponge for face which helps you remove your makeup, clean your skin and perform a gentle massage. No more buying unnecessary cotton pads. All you need is one cleansing konjak sponge you can use over and over.

Benefits of a Natural Konjak Sponge

  • It’s suitable for people with allergies and sensitive skin.
  • Doesn’t cause irritation, yet still effectively removes impurities.
  • Helps clean your pores and prevent blackheads and acne.
  • Gently removes dead skin cells.
  • Its use is environmentally friendly.

How to Use a Konjak Cleansing Sponge?

Start by soaking the sponge in water. If you want to remove your makeup, use the sponge to apply your facial cleansing gel or makeup remover lotion, squeeze out excess water and wipe your face with the sponge in circular motions to remove makeup as well as dead skin cells. Wash the sponge thoroughly after every use, squeeze out the water and let the sponge dry naturally. With proper care, a konjak sponge will last up to three months.

What Is Konjak?

Konjak sponges are made from konjak potato, an Asian perennial plant which grows at higher altitudes. Their unique properties have lately made these sponges very popular not just in the cosmetic industry. Konjak contains a high amount of minerals and has a positive impact on the skin’s balance.

Find a natural konjak sponge by Garnier, Yasumi or Erborian and enjoy having perfectly clear skin.