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SPF Mists and Sprays for Carefree Tanning

Get a gorgeous, healthy tan and smooth, nourished skin without too much risk! SPF mists and sun sprays usually have a light texture, they go on easily, absorb fast and take care of your skin thanks to active ingredients which prevent premature ageing and protect from the sun.

Sunscreen Mist, Lotion or SPF Oil Spray – How to Pick the Right Product?

Standard sunscreen lotions tend to have a thicker texture and are more suited for dry skin. If you suffer from sensitive, acne-prone or oily skin, you should go for a light sunscreen mist or spray-on SPF that are designed for the specific needs of various skin types.

Sunscreen Mist

Facial sunscreen mist has similar refreshing and moisturising effects to a classic thermal water or floral water – plus it contains UV filters to protect your skin from the sun and keep both you and your kids safe from sunburn when travelling.

Benefits of Sunscreen Mist:
  • Simple and even application – no need to rub it in afterwards.
  • Doesn’t clog your pores or dissolve makeup – you can use it on top of your makeup at any point during the day.
  • It’s suitable for everyday use, even on very sensitive or acne-prone skin.
  • It offers a mattifying or nice and shiny effect depending on your skin type.
  • Its lightweight texture makes it a perfect sunscreen for sporting activities.
  • Practical handbag-ready packaging allows you to reapply your sunscreen anywhere and at any time without getting your hands greasy.

Our tip: Before applying your makeup, use your favourite facial sunscreen to provide protection for the first few hours in the sun, then refresh the SPF with a sunscreen mist that also refreshes your skin without disturbing your makeup.

Spray-on Sunscreen

Sunscreen in spray is an ideal product for the summer. Simply spray it on your skin, rub in gently and protect your skin during any sun exposure. also carries special sunscreen sprays for children and babies.

  • The light texture makes spray-on sunscreen lotion absorb fast without leaving an oily film or white marks. The spray also helps you reach areas that are normally hard to access.
  • A spray is great for dry, normal and mature skin, plus it’s suitable for the sensitive skin of your kids who will definitely appreciate its non-sticky, non-oily formula that’s so unlike the standard sunscreen lotions.
  • Spray-on sunscreen comes in a wide range of SPFs. You can choose a moisturising spray, mineral spray for sensitive skin or skin with atopic eczema, waterproof sprays or tan-enhancing SPF sprays – depending on your needs and your skin type.

Tanning Oil in Spray

The so-called “dry” tanning oils in spray are mostly great for dry, normal and mature skin. Their lovely non-oily texture leaves a silky film that protects your skin from unwanted dehydration. But there are other benefits as well:

  • It doesn’t feel heavy on the skin, absorbs fast and leaves skin radiant and gorgeous with a lovely scent.
  • It contains nourishing and moisturising ingredients and a high concentration of fats to accelerate the tanning process.
  • Some oils can also be used as an SPF protection for your hair.

Keep your skin healthy and youthful by using spray-on creams, oils and mists with UVA and UVB factors to protect it from sunlight. Whether you’re looking for a facial mist with SPF 50, a spray-on moisturising sunscreen lotion or a refreshing facial SPF, you’ll find the right product at!