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If you have normal skin, it’s probably naturally soft and smooth.

But the fact that you don’t suffer from any imperfections doesn’t mean that your skin doesn’t need quality skin care to stay healthy and radiant without premature ageing. Your regular routine should include cleaning, moisturising, and protection from sun damage. The result will be a hydrated and refreshed skin with no wrinkles!

Characteristics of normal skin:

  • The pores are small.
  • It’s clean and soft.
  • Produces an optimum amount of sebum.
  • Free of imperfections.
  • No difference between the T-zone and the cheeks.
  • Has good circulation.
  • Regenerates quickly.

How to take the best care of normal skin?

  1. Everything starts with cleaning your skin and removing your makeup every morning and night. Remove all impurities and prepare your skin for other products. Try a cleansing toner or a lotion.
  2. After you’ve cleaned your face, the next step is to soothe and moisturise your skin. Pick a moisturiser designed for normal skin. In the morning, you should use a cream containing SPF to protect your complexion from sun damage.
  3. Even with the least problematic skin type you should still use regenerating and intensely moisturising products. Once a week, use a facial exfoliator to remove dead skin cells, and then apply a mask for normal skin to keep your complexion hydrated.
  4. To keep your skin looking beautiful, you also need to get lots of sleep and stay hydrated. Your diet should include fruit and vegetables to protect your skin from harmful effects.

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