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Calvin Klein Eternity collection

A hymn of timeless love, family and peace that lasts for all Eternity! The iconic Calvin Klein Eternity fragrance line was inspired by the promise of a passion that will last forever. So as the beautiful scent of Calvin Klein fragrance on your skin! 

Every scent in the revered Eternity fragrance family exudes that undeniable, Calvin Klein quality that has been its hallmark since 1986. A harmonious balance of earthy and sweet aromas has been the quintessential essence of Eternity for over thirty years!

Explore the wide range of Calvin Klein Eternity fragrances at and enjoy a variety of this legendary scents such as Calvin Klein Eternity Summer, Eternity Flame, Eternity Now and even more!

About Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein was born in New York and was an aspiring fashion designer from a very young age. He launched his fashion label together with a childhood friend Barry K. Schwartz in 1968 and by the 1970s, the fashion label became a global fashion phenomenon.

The first Calvin Klein fragrance was launched in 1981 and the Eternity perfume collection followed in 1986. The inspiration for Calvin Klein Eternity came from the diamond ring that Edward the VII gave to Wallis Simpson and which Calvin Klein later bought at auction for his own wife. The range is inspired by the true, timeless and unconditional love, the love that will last for Eternity! Calvin Klein has always pushed the boundaries and is well known for his provocative and controversial advertising campaigns. The iconic CK brand logo is now recognized throughout the world.

Calvin Klein Perfume and Aftershave

The moment you think of ‘perfume’, you think of Calvin Klein! This iconic brand created really exceptional perfume collections with the most prestigious scents for men and women and completely redefined the fragrance world. Enter the fragrance world at and explore the legendary CK Eternity collection today!

Calvin Klein Eternity for Women

The original Calvin Klein Eternity for Women has been a world-leader in fragrance since the moment it was launched in 1986. These scents are instantly recognizable through its sage and sandalwood earthiness character, complemented by sweet flowers such as freesia, jasmine and lily of the valley followed by the fresh citrus aroma. 

Discover even more fragrances from the CK Eternity collection!

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer Eau de Parfum

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer is the perfect Eternity choice for a hot summer’s day. Notes of lime mojito and citrus flavours instantly transport you to warm beaches and balmy days.

The light airiness and fresh fruity character of this scent make it an ideal fragrance and refreshment for warm weather. The perfect holiday choice!

Calvin Klein Eternity Moment Eau de Parfum

The most feminine scent of the Eternity range, Calvin Klein Eternity Moment is less earthy than the original scent and has a lighter, romantic, slightly more floral character.

Raspberry and pomegranate flower aromas blend with peony and warm sweet rosewood notes. Light, subtle and romantic, this is the perfume of first kisses, innocence and femininity.

Calvin Klein Eternity Flame Eau de Parfum

Calvin Klein Eternity Flame symbolises irresistible passion, sensual love and hot desire. It is oriental and floral, a perfume for a woman who wants to be noticed, and desired.

Its unmistakable aromas of sweet pea and labdanum combined with warm, spicy and sensual undertones create an intoxicating and intense impression from the first spritz!

Calvin Klein Eternity Air Eau de Parfum

Fragrance launched in 2018, Calvin Klein Eternity Air is the embodiment of springtime, capturing the endless renewal and joy of life. Its irresistibly sweet pear and Lily of the Valley aromas mix beautifully with cedar, amber and musk with for the romantic, modern woman. A wonderfully fresh re-interpretation of the original classic, Eternity.

Calvin Klein Eternity for Men

The original Calvin Klein Eternity for Men is instantly recognizable, it is a celebration of modern masculinity with a crisp citrus freshness complemented with sandalwood and earthy notes. Sophisticated yet powerful, the classic Eternity man has an enduring, enticing and seductive quality. 

Discover even more Calvin Klein Eternity fragrances and enjoy the masculine energy and power of sensuality these scents evoke!

Calvin Klein Eternity Air Eau de Toilette

The fragrance launched in 2018, Calvin Klein Eternity Air embodies the spring vibes with its seaside freshness created of mandarin and green apple notes, complemented with patchouli. A wonderfully fresh re-interpretation of the original classic, Eternity.

Calvin Klein Eternity Flame Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein Eternity Flame for Men symbolises irresistible passion and pure desire. It is an oriental fragrance for those who aim to seduce! Its tropical character of pineapple and undertones of amber and leather add rich earthiness and animal magnetism.

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua Eau de Toilette

Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua is all about youthfulness and vitality, a sparkling waterfall of freshness created with orange blossom, cucumber and water lily aromas, combined elegantly with subtle undertones of musk and pepper. This is a crystal clear, crisp, fresh fragrance, perfect for every day.

Calvin Klein Eternity Now Eau de Toilette

Heady, oriental notes of ginger, coconut and star anise blend harmoniously with cedar and patchouli and a hint of vanilla. This astonishingly masculine fragrance, Calvin Klein Eternity Now for Men is exceptionally appealing, easy to wear and perfect for warm weather scent!

Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for Men

The scent of a laid-back man who takes life in his stride! The Calvin Klein Eternity Summer for Men has refreshing aromas of sea salt, lime, basil and sage, conjuring memories of seaside holiday walks. Ideal to wear every day in warm weather, it is a perfect light, holiday fragrance for the man who knows how to relax, kick back, and take it easy.

Combine your favourite CK Eternity perfume with Eternity aftershave and make your everyday grooming routine a true fragrance experience! Calvin Klein aftershave helps the scent to last longer on your skin and charm everyone around you all day long!

Calvin Klein Gift Set

Beautifully packaged perfume gift sets with Calvin Klein Eternity perfumes and skincare make a luxurious gift for all your loved ones! Explore the wide offer of Calvin Klein gift sets for women and men or treat yourself to a beautiful fragrance set that will bring joy to every beauty routine.

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