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Fragrances as precious, sophisticated and elegant as luxurious jewellery or watches. The prestigious brand Chopard introduces Swiss quality and tradition into the world of women’s and men’s fragrance. Having started out as a family business focused on jewellery and watches, the brand stays true to its roots and every single one of its fragrances is like a little gem in a bottle reminiscent of a precious stone, adorning both you and your vanity.

Chopard was founded in 1860 when a Swiss watchmaker Louis-Ulysse Chopard started designing high-precision pocket watches. In the 1960s, his grandson Paul-André Chopard sold the company to a German jewellery maker Karl Scheufele III. whose family expanded the brand’s portfolio. In 1986, his daughter Caroline Scheufele decided to combine precious stones and fragrances and created the Chopard Happy Diamonds which was inspired by a diamond in 18-Karat gold. This first venture into the world of perfumery was then followed by many more exclusive fragrances.

Amongst the world-renowned fragrances there is, for example, the Chopard Casmir Eau de Parfum for women from 1992 which complemented a line of jewellery of the same name. Another popular one is the Chopard Wish, a perfume with an elegant bottle shaped like a cut diamond. The Chopard Mille Miglia was inspired by one of the most traditional races featuring classic and vintage cars. Since 1998, Chopard has also been providing its products to the film stars attending the Cannes Film Festival. Now you can feel like you’re walking the red carpet too, simply by putting on the men’s Chopard Oud Malaki or the women’s Chopard Love Chopard, Chopard Brilliant Wish or Chopard Happy Spirit.



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