Dry Oil

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Treat yourself to a product that will give you soft skin, healthy and glossy hair and nails.

Try dry oils by Nuxe or Caudalie – they absorb quickly and leave your skin soft and nourished.

What is dry oil?

Wondering how an oil can be dry? The term actually has more to do with how quickly the product absorbs than with the fact it’s an oil. A dry oil:

  • isn’t greasy, doesn’t stain the clothes
  • absorbs quickly without a sticky residue

A dry oil contains a combination of plant oils and vitamins that perfectly nourish your skin, hair, or nails. A dry hair oil will make your hair stronger and glossier, while a dry facial oil or body oil makes your skin velvety smooth.

Enjoy having perfectly moisturised skin even on holiday. Pick up a dry sunscreen oil that protects your skin from sun damage.

How to use a dry oil?

To get the best results, we recommend you apply the dry oil to your skin and hair after a shower or a bath. That way, the oil can absorb the best and give your hair and skin maximum strength and softness.