Black Hair Dye

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Enjoy incredibly glossy black hair and dazzle everyone around. Whether you’re looking to cover your grey hair, just want to enhance your natural black hair, or you want a radical change, carries the best black hair dyes by top cosmetic brands.

To enhance your current black hair colour, we recommend first trying the gentle Maria Nila masks that will give you a colour effect as well as nourishment. You can also cover your roots and first grey hair with a root touch-up spray, or go for a permanent black hair dye if you want a complete change.

Is black hair right for me?

Maybe you’re still not sure whether black hair is the right choice. Before you experiment with black colouring products, consider your skin tone. If you have olive or porcelain skin, it will create the most beautiful contrast with black hair.

Don’t be afraid to change your hair colour to black. Finish off your look with the right styling and give it a final touch with a bold red lipstick!