Root touch up spray

Covering Hair Roots? Try a Hair Concealer!

Cover unsightly roots and greys instantly without stressing out your hair – for instance between visits to the salon or before dyeing your hair at home.

Root touch-up sprays come in a variety of shades and reliably cover hair imperfections with a temporary effect. Their intense pigment adheres perfectly to the hair and the product dries quickly, resulting in an effective colouring effect without any unpleasant stickiness. A hair concealer can be applied directly on dry hair with precision and ease, and it lasts until your next wash with a shampoo.

How to Dye Your Roots?

  • Apply the spray to clean, dry and thoroughly brushed hair in the area of the parting and around the perimeter of your face.
  • We recommend always covering your shoulders with an old towel to prevent any stains on your clothing. When using especially bright colours, you can cover your parting with a tissue to prevent staining your scalp.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly and then apply a small amount of product to your roots from a distance of about 10 centimetres.
  • Let the touch-up spray dry for a moment and then lightly brush through your hair with your fingers to achieve a more natural effect.
  • A root touch-up spray will last you a long time and become a great complementary product to your favourite permanent hair dye.

Our tip: Make sure to use only hair care for colour-treated hair to help your colour stay bright and intense for as long as possible.

Keep your spray for roots and greys always at hand so you’re never caught off guard. Browse Notino for the best root touch-up sprays in a wide variety of colours from blonde to red and black, and enjoy having an impeccable hair colour without unwanted transitions until your next appointment with the colourist.