Blonde hair dye

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Dreaming of having beautiful blonde hair? Blonde hair dye is your answer! We carry a wide selection of blonde hair colouring products in a variety of unique shades from platinum blonde and ash blonde to dark blonde colours – just pick the right one to give you a radical change, a little colour boost, or just to cover first grey hair.

Who can pull off blonde hair? Pick the right shade

Bright blonde hair will be amazing for anyone who was blonde as a child. That being said, there is a blonde shade for everyone. Always consider your skin tone and eye colour, and if you’re still not sure, talk to a good colourist. They will help you avoid the wrong shades and having to fix it. If your hair is naturally dark, don’t forget to also purchase a good hair bleach.

Looking for a colour boost more than a complete change? Use a permanent hair dye in a shade that’s close to your natural one or a nourishing colouring mask to strengthen your hair.

Don’t forget to take care of your blonde hair

Blonde hair always needs proper care. Find the right shampoo for blonde hair to prevent unwanted yellow undertones, read-up on the right hair care for blonde hair and enjoy the feeling of having gorgeous and healthy hair!