Pink hair dye

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Craving something new and unusual? Dazzle everyone with a striking pink hair colour! Pink hair isn’t just for partying and concerts – you can wear it boldly to a meeting with a new business partner. The shade is completely up to you, just like the makeup and the outfit you choose to wear with it.

You might prefer a light pink hair dye that will beautifully enhance blonde hair, or you might choose a more daring shade and go for dark pink. In any case, always pay attention to your current hair colour. If your hair is currently dark and you want to dye it pastel pink, you need to first use a hair lightening product to help you achieve the desired pink shade.

Want to try if pink hair is for you?

Are you tempted to dye your hair pink but still can’t decide? You can experiment with the look without committing to it. Just use a pink spray-on hair colour or other wash-out hair colouring products. When you’re sure you have fallen in love with pink, you can switch to permanent.