Red hair dye

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Make your hair stand out! A vivacious red hair colour can come in countless different shades, one more striking than the last. Want to radically change your hair colour to bold red, or are you just looking to give your natural red or brown hair colour a bit of a fiery twist? Red is your friend. Find your perfect shade in our wide selection of red hair dyes.

Who can pull off red hair colour?

Red shades of hair are best suited for the so-called autumn types whose hair naturally has a bit of a fiery colour. Still, you have to find the right shade for you. If you want to avoid risking unwanted results, try a spray-on hair dye or the red hair mask by Maria Nila to give you a bright and glossy red shade that lasts a few days.

Permanent red hair dye can wait until you really find the perfect shade to enhance your features. You can choose from red hair dyes by L’Oréal ParisWella Professionals or other top hair care brands!