KORIKA Korean Heritage Face Masks Set sheet mask set

KORIKA Korean Heritage Face Masks Set sheet mask set
KORIKA Korean Heritage Face Masks Set sheet mask set
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Moisturising face sheet mask 1 pc + Anti-Wrinkle Face Sheet Mask 1 pc + Cleansing Sheet Mask 1 pc + Brightening Face Sheet Mask 1 pc + Calming Face Sheet Mask 1 pc

Friday 06/08/2021
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Friday 06/08/2021

Description KORIKA Korean Heritage

Come and enjoy these 5 beautifying facial treatments. The KORIKA Korean Heritage line offers comprehensive skin care products using traditional Korean ingredients grown on the island of Jeju and processed through the most careful modern technologies. Every mask contains a piece of Korean heritage you can enjoy and benefit from in 5 different ways.

Brightening with Tangerine

  • KORIKA Korean Heritage brightening sheet mask restores a lively appearance
  • brightens your skin, optimises pigmentation, improves elasticity
  • protects from free radicals, moisturises and improves skin regeneration
  • contains Jeju Mandarin Hallabong, liquorice and vitamins

Rejuvenating Ginseng

  • KORIKA Korean Heritage anti-wrinkle sheet mask reduces signs of ageing
  • visibly rejuvenates, reduces wrinkles and lines, stimulates collagen production
  • soothes, reduces redness, combats free radicals
  • with red ginseng, adenosine and liquorice root

Artemisia brings a soothing effect

  • KORIKA Korean Heritage soothing sheet mask for sensitive skin
  • reduces signs of sensitive and itchy skin, moisturises dry skin
  • improves the condition of the protective layer of your skin, provides energy for its cells
  • with Artemisia (mugwort), fermented soy extract and D-panthenol

Softening Silk

  • KORIKA Korean Heritage hydrating sheet mask moisturises and softens
  • ensures instant hydration, leaves skin smooth and glowing
  • reduces the visibility of wrinkles, makes skin firmer and more supple
  • with silk protein and 8 types of hyaluronic acid

Honey for Perfect Cleansing Effect

  • KORIKA Korean Heritage sheet mask against imperfections offers a cleansing effect
  • thoroughly cleans, improves skin tone and texture, eliminates blackheads
  • clears pores and prevents clogging, improves regeneration of problem skin
  • with Jeju Canola honey, complex of fruit acids and tea tree oil


Complexion type
all skin types
Hydration, Detox, Anti-ageing, Brightening, Nourishing
Type of set
Gift Set, Economy Pack
When to use
day and night
Active ingredients
hyaluronic acid

About the brand KORIKA

The Korean brand KORIKA brings together cutting edge Asian technology with effective active ingredients, making them a specialist in this area of cosmetics. KORIKA helps women make their everyday beauty routine more enjoyable through their top quality sheet masks.

KORIKA sheet masks contain a large amount of active ingredients which differ based on the type of the mask. Among these ingredients you can find activated charcoal, clay, 24-carat gold, snail extract, silk extract, lavender, litchi, aloe, iceberg water or shea butter.

The three lines of KORIKA sheet masks focus on different skin types. StarBeauty is a premium collection that will be appreciated especially by women who wish to sample rare ingredients, revitalize, and brighten their skin. NaturBeauty line includes various types of masks whose key benefits are natural extracts and iceberg water. SciBeauty masks reflect the most recent trends in Asian cosmetics and offer masks not only for the face, but also the hands, legs, and lips to provide complex care.

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