Matt lipsticks

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Matt lipsticks have an air of sensuality and mystery, and so will you if you wear one! Create a sophisticated look for work, a party or a date with matt lipstick.

Don’t select the colour of your matt lipstick just according to the occasion and your colour type, but the size of your lips too. Lighter shades such as nude or pink are flattering for smaller lips. On the contrary, voluminous lips can be emphasised with a more pronounced red or burgundy lipstick.

What makes matt lipstick different from gloss?

  • Both options have something about them. Matt lipsticks give you velvety smooth lips for a date or a work meeting. They are perfect for practically any occasion.
  • Gloss lipsticks look more playful and festive. That’s why they’re more suited to a party or leisure. They give you juicy lips that make it look as if you’ve licked your lips. It may surprise you how many people find this effect attractive.
  • While glossy lipsticks often contain moisturising ingredients, matt ones usually don’t (although there are exceptions). This can be an advantage, though, because you can apply your favourite lip balm underneath them.

Liquid matt lipsticks

If you’re looking for a long-lasting matt lipstick, try a liquid one. Your perfect lips will stay that way even if you’re sipping wine all evening and they won’t be ruined by a kiss. It’s easier to apply liquid matt lipstick than a regular lipstick. It includes an applicator that makes it easier to apply it with precision.

But don’t forget that liquid lipsticks with a matt effect are suitable for healthy, hydrated lips. If they’re cracked, every imperfection will be even more visible.