Brow Pomade

Eyebrow Pomades for a Natural Effect

Dreaming of flawless brows that bring out your beauty and last all day long? An eyebrow pomade will help you achieve the desired shade, sets the brows in place and doesn’t flake or smudge during the day. These pomades come in pots or in pencil form, in a variety of shades. Their light, creamy texture and handy applicators make the product go on very easily, resulting in beautiful, natural eyebrows with a long-lasting effect!

Benefits of Eyebrow Pomade

  • Contains subtle pigments with semi-translucent texture for a natural effect.
  • Its rich texture will give your brows incredible fullness and it’s resistant to smudging.
  • They also come in waterproof form to help you achieve a flawless makeup during your summer travels and holidays.

How to Use a Brow Pomade?

  • Select the right shade of brow pomade to match your hair. If you want a more subtle effect, go with one that’s a shade lighter – or a darker one for a more dramatic result.
  • Start by using an eyebrow brush to comb and shape your brow hair.
  • Apply the colour gradually with gentle upward strokes of the applicator, from the lower part of the arch near your nose all the way towards the end.
  • You can use a brow brush to create fine strokes that mimic your brow hair and make a thinning eyebrow look more full.
  • You can also apply the pomade in a thicker layer for a more intense, pigmented result, or blend it out with a brush for an ombré effect.

Our tip: If you want to optically lift and accentuate your eyebrows even more, apply a thin layer of highlighter right under them.

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Our tip: You can also accentuate your eyebrows with popular eye pencils or fill them in with a brow palette and set them with a brow mascara. If you’re planning a trip, you might even want to use a good brow dye.