Bath Thermometers for Babies

Reliable Bath Thermometers for Kids

Keeping your baby’s bath water at the right temperature is very important for the protection of their thin and sensitive skin! Make sure your baby is comfortable and safe with a reliable baby thermometer for the bath. You can choose from a variety of kids’ motifs, fun shapes and colours!

How to Use a Bath Thermometer for Babies

Your baby’s bath water should be between 36 and 37 °C. Use a bath thermometer with precise measuring you can simply place in the water and then find out from the easily legible scale if the temperature is safe for your child.

Types of Baby Bath Thermometers

  • Digital bath thermometers offer precision and have a highly visible display. They measure the water temperature in a matter of seconds.
  • Analog bath thermometers are precise and available in many attractive designs. They’re lead-free.

Our tip: After bathing, make sure to wrap your baby in a warm baby towel you’ve placed on the heater beforehand.

Find a playful little bath thermometer at today and turn your baby’s bath time into a fun experience! Remember to also get a baby cream, baby towel, clean nappies and other baby essentials so you don’t have to leave your kid alone in the bathroom.