Baby Changing Mats

What to Know about Changing Mats?

Make the whole nappy-changing process easier by using changing mats to keep your baby clean. A good changing mat will increase your baby’s comfort and you don’t have to worry about stains on your furniture.

What Is a Changing Mat Used for?

A baby changing pad is an essential part of any baby starter kit that you’ll appreciate every single day. Here are a few reasons why you absolutely need to get one:

  • Your baby’s comfort. We probably don’t need to explain why this is such an important point. A soft and lovely changing mat will make your baby feel nice and safe.
  • The parent’s comfort. The right kind of changing mat will make the entire nappy-changing process significantly easier, especially when you’re not at home.
  • Cleanliness. A changing mat protects your baby from any dirt while preventing unwanted stains on the surface it covers.

How to Choose the Right Changing Mat?

Many parents ponder this question, but it’s really not a rocket science. Find out the characteristics of different types of changing mats so you can easily decide:

Disposable Changing Mats

  • As the name suggests, this is a changing mat you can throw out after use and it will come especially handy when you’re not at home – during trips, walks, doctor’s appointments etc.
  • This means that disposable changing mats are especially great for travelling. They’re usually made of fabrics with a soft outer layer hiding an impermeable material underneath. The most common dimensions of changing mats are 60×60cm or 90×60cm.

Our tip: You don’t have to throw the disposable changing mat away immediately unless it gets dirty while you’re using it. It can also work as a protector for your linens – for instance after your baby’s bath time.

Travel Changing Mats

  • If you don’t want to use disposable changing mats while you’re travelling or you’re going on a longer trip, try a travel changing mat which doesn’t take up much space at all and can be used repeatedly.
  • This soft yet waterproof changing mat will offer enough space for changing your baby’s nappy and comes in various sizes just like other types of changing mats.

Soft Changing Mat

  • If you have a designated changing table or a desk to change your baby, go with a soft changing mat to cushion the hard surface and make it more comfortable. This changing mat can also be placed on top of your washer or a chest of drawers.
  • The main purpose of this changing mat is to make the table comfortable for your baby. It’s a type of reusable changing mat which often features a playful design and you can find it in many different sizes.

Changing Mat with a Solid Base

  • Sometimes also called a hard base changing mat, this model can be placed on any object that doesn’t have a solid surface. A changing pad with a solid base offers the support your baby needs and it usually slopes down on the sides (sometimes even on the top) to keep the baby in place. You can also find it as a 3-sided changing mat.

Before purchasing your changing mat, think about where will you be usually changing your baby’s nappies so you can make the right choice. Maybe you’ll need more than one – a cloth changing mat for your changing table at home, and some disposable changing mats for taking your baby out to meet the world. All you need to do now is decide which beautiful design you prefer.

Tip: While shopping for a changing mat, why not also get some cloth nappies or baby wipes?