Swimming Nappies

Reliable Swimming Nappies for a Fun Swim Time

Comfortable wear and reliable protection from leakage while your baby’s splashing about! A swimming nappy is the perfect solution when you’re taking your little one to the pool or the beach.

Benefits of Swimming Nappies

  • They prevent the water from getting contaminated by holding everything in safely.
  • Swimming nappies don’t absorb water from the pool or prevent your child from moving freely.
  • Their soft materials feel comfortable and don’t cut into your baby’s legs.
  • They’re easy to put on and adjust to your baby’s body for increased comfort.

How to Choose the Right Swimming Nappies?

When buying a swimming nappy, consider your baby’s weight and how often will you be taking them swimming. You can get either disposable swimming nappies or reusable ones. Swimming nappies come in sizes from 3 to 15+ kg of baby’s bodyweight.

  • Disposable swimming nappies are great for occasional use and you can simply throw it out afterwards. The right size depends on your baby’s weight – these nappies come in sizes from 3kg up, which means they can be used on infants.
  • A reusable swim nappy can be washed, which means you can keep using them repeatedly. Some swimming nappies come with an impermeable PUL layer and a protective mesh so you can use them straight away, while others requires separating nappies. These nappies come with press studs so you can adjust their size. This type of a swimming nappy is ideal for frequent swimming.

Our tip: If you don’t have a baby scale, try weighing yourself on a normal bathroom scale while holding your baby, and then without them.

How Do Swimming Nappies Work?

Swimming nappies are designed to safely hold in all liquid or impurities with an elasticated hem and impermeable layers that don’t let anything seep through. The outer layers then prevent the absorption of water from the outside so the nappy doesn’t increase in volume or reduce your baby’s comfort.

Get the best disposable or reusable swimming nappies so your baby can enjoy the same summer activities as you without any risk of leakage!

Tip: You can also get some eco-friendly nappies or cloth nappies and other baby essentials!