Nappy Covers and Knicker Nappies

Nappy Covers and Knicker Nappies for Your Baby’s Comfort

They’re easy to put on, comfortable to wear and they prevent any leakage – nappy knickers will make the whole process of changing easier. We’ll tell you how to pick the best nappy knickers for your baby.

Types of Nappy Knickers

Nappy knickers come in a practical shape of standard knickers and in many versions and sizes with gorgeous colourful prints for boys and girls. Whether you’re looking for protective nappy covers for your cloth nappies that can grow with your baby, or you’re going on a trip and prefer a single-use solution, always has the right product for you.

  • Disposable knicker-shaped nappies are made of quality, absorbent and breathable materials. These nappies are easy to put on and you can simply throw them out after use.
  • Cloth nappy pants form an absorbent inner layer you can easily wash after every use. They’re made of cotton, bamboo, microfibre or fleece and they even come in adjustable sizes. These nappy knickers need to be covered with nappy wraps that feature a PUL layer.
  • Nappy covers keep the cloth nappy pants and knicker nappies in place while forming an impermeable yet breathable outer layer (PUL). You can choose between a one-size-fits-all adjustable version with press studs or velcro fastening that can be adapted as your baby grows, or nappy covers for newborns. Nappy covers can be easily washed after every use.
  • AIO nappies (or all-in-one nappies) are a combination of an absorbent inner layer and a water-resistant outer layer. You can simply wash them after every use.
  • Potty training pants are very practical when you want to help your child switch from nappies to the potty. Training pants look just like normal baby pants and allow your child to move freely. They’re easy to put on and can handle all little accidents.

Our tip: Try also swimming nappies – a perfect solution for summer fun at the pool or the beach. Swimming nappy knickers for babies feature a special absorbent layer and they come in both disposable and reusable varieties.

Sizes of Nappy Knickers

You can easily find the right size of nappy knickers and knicker-shaped nappies based on your kid’s weight.

  • Size 0 – for babies up to 2.5kg
  • Size 1 – from 2.5 to 5kg
  • Size 2 – from 3 to 6kg
  • Size 3 – from 6 to 10kg
  • Size 4 – from 7 to 14kg
  • Size 5 – from 9 to 16kg
  • Size 6 – 15kg and more
  • Size 7 – 16kg and more

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