Puffy Eyes and Under-Eye Bags

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How to Get Rid of Puffy Eyes and Under-Eye Bags?

Don’t be sad about your puffy eyelids or under-eye bags after a sleepless night! Try some effective skin-care products and read our tips on how to get rid of puffiness quickly and easily.

What Helps with Under-Eye Bags?

Puffy eyelids in the morning don’t look particularly nice, which is why you should think about a daily eye-care routine. Focus on gels and creams for under-eye bags which contain:

  • peptides – reduce swelling; promote skin regeneration; restore a healthy, toned and lifted appearance; plus they reduce wrinkles,
  • caffeine – improves blood circulation in the skin, helps drain accumulated moisture and promotes collagen production,
  • hyaluronic acid – thoroughly hydrates the delicate skin around your eyes and keeps it looking fresh.

These are the ingredients most frequently found in eye creams for swelling and puffy eyes. However, you might also come across many other natural substances that protect the eye area, stimulate collagen (for instance retinol), or have a lifting effect.

Swelling also usually gets improved by micro-massaging the eye area with your fingertips. Try it while applying your night serum or the best under-eye cream you can find – these few extra minutes will make the product even more effective and help it absorb.

Morning Massage to Address Under-Eye Bags

Take the draining of accumulated moisture into your own hands – literally. Because water collected in the eye area is exactly what causes swelling. Facial massage rollers are a perfect tool to combat this problem – use them for a nice yet effective massage and improve lymph circulation to reduce puffiness.

The small roller is perfect for treating your under-eye bags. You can also try leaving your roller in the fridge overnight to create a lovely cooling effect that will bring you much needed relief. Alternatively, try dipping the roller in a cup of water with some ice cubes while you’re using it.

Relief for Your Puffy Eyelids

Another product to keep always handy is a morning mask for puffy eyes. It will also be great in those situations when you need to look fresh as a daisy before an important event.

  • This kind of mask is very easy to use – just remove the protective film, place the mask under both swollen eyelids (or to a different area depending on the type of the mask), and let the active ingredients do their magic.
  • You can also treat puffy eyelids with gel under-eye pads that soothe any swelling with their beautiful cooling effect.

Obviously, don’t forget the basics – proper sleep, balanced diet and drinking enough liquids. However, if you still get under-eye bags and swelling, now you know the best ways to get rid of them!