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Violet perfume

The delicate scent of violets was a favourite of Marlene Dietrich as well as Napoleon. It is said to be an aphrodisiac, a scent to calm the senses and bring joy. In the language of flowers, violet is a declaration of love.


Characteristics of violet scent:

The violet blossoms smell different than violet leaves. Violet blossom has an earthy, woody floral aroma which gives fragrances a sweet, old-fashioned powdery feel. Violet leaves have an intense green aroma with a metallic and aquatic undertone.

How the violet aroma is obtained:

The process of obtaining natural violet scent is very costly. To make 30kg of violet extract, you need 1 tonne of violet blossoms! This is why today’s violet essences are usually a synthetic combination of ionone compounds.

A violet perfume will give you an air of nobility and charm everyone around with its delicate aroma. Have you found yours yet?

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