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Find a deodorant free of aluminium salts and let your skin breathe. Forget the unpleasant feeling of sweat and enjoy every day to the max! A good deodorant or anti-perspirant without aluminium will prevent unpleasant odours and make your armpits smell great without irritating your skin.

Why Choose an Aluminium-Free Deodorant?

Aluminium salts block the production of sweat and the subsequent smell, but they might not be great for sensitive skin. While aluminium salts don’t generally prevent toxins from being expelled, if you’d rather go for a natural product without aluminium, an aluminium-free natural anti-perspirant is the best choice!

What Is the Difference between an Aluminium-Free Deodorant and Anti-Perspirant?

A deodorant blocks the reaction between your sweat and bacteria, preventing any unpleasant smell. On the other hand, an anti-perspirant prevents the sweating itself as much as possible. You should however remember that sweating is a natural process that regulates your body temperature and hydrates the skin – we can’t get rid of it completely.

Trust quality products by brands like Weleda, Vichy, or Korres, and enjoy the fresh feeling every day.