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Foot Scrub for Perfectly Smooth Feet

Enjoy the feeling of having smooth feet with perfectly nourished skin, and say goodbye to dry, hardened skin and small cracks in a matter of minutes. The little abrasive particles and a complex of active ingredients in a foot scrub will remove dead skin cells, promote blood circulation, provide necessary hydration and even protect your feet from further dehydration and skin hardening.

How to Use a Foot Scrub?

  • Apply a sufficient amount of scrub to wet skin and gently massage the rough areas of your feet, then rinse off with lukewarm water. We recommend using a foot scrub on your heels as well as your entire feet at least twice a week.
  • After using the scrub, apply a good foot cream or give your skin some intense nourishment in the form of a foot mask.

Our top tip: Try also exfoliating socks which are saturated with active liquid that has a smoothing and softening effect. If the skin of your feet is too dry and cracked, an electric foot file will thoroughly remove any hard skin and prepare your feet for more body care products.

Treat yourself to a nice foot scrub and enjoy the feeling of perfectly smooth, well-groomed feet, just the way you deserve after a busy day. Discover more foot scrubs and exfoliating foot masks at!