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Describing the effects of chamomile on skin and hair would fill an entire book, which is why it is considered such an all-around versatile herb. Its many essential oils and more than a hundred different components give it soothing, cleansing, and regenerating properties as well as a gorgeous aroma.

Cosmetic products with chamomile are especially popular among people with sensitive and irritated skin. This is because chamomile reduces redness and itching – whether it’s on your body, your scalp, or in intimate areas. Speaking of the latter, chamomile also balances out pH.


Characteristics of Chamomile

Chamomile cleans, soothes, and speeds up skin regeneration. It contains numerous essential oils and over a 100 active ingredients. This is why it’s so often used in hair care and body care for sensitive skin. You can find it in chamomile oils, creams, cleansing lotions, as well as gentle lightening chamomile shampoos.

Benefits of Chamomile for the Skin of Your Face and Body

  • It is gentle to sensitive skin, which makes it suitable for kids and people suffering from eczema or dermatitis.
  • Has cleansing effects and helps prevent acne.
  • Soothes the skin, for instance after a long sun exposure.
  • Helps reduce allergic skin reactions.
  • Accelerates skin regeneration.
  • Brings relief to dry and itchy skin and reduces redness.
  • Balances the pH of intimate areas, thus reducing the likelihood of vaginal mycosis.

Benefits of Chamomile for Hair

  • If used regularly, it works as a natural lightener for blonde hair.
  • Chamomile is rich in essential oils and thus strengthens fine hair and gives it more shine.
  • Significantly reduces scalp itching and cleans the scalp.

Cosmetics with Chamomile

A chamomile oil or cream will be a fantastic product for those suffering from acne or eczema, because it contains active ingredients like essential oils, flavonoids, and other more than hundred substances. Since chamomile is very gentle on the skin, you can also find it in cosmetic products for kids – for instance in chamomile bath oils and gentle body washes for children.

Chamomile has positive effects on hair, skin, and hands which is why you can find it in many cosmetic products. Chamomile creams and oils are especially good for the eye area as well as areas suffering from redness. These products are easy to apply and bring instant relief from burning and itching sensations.

Taking care of blonde hair requires special products, ideally of natural origin. Maybe you’ve already heard of lightening your hair with chamomile. This little beauty secret helps people with blonde hair achieve a lighter shade without synthetics, which is why every blonde should have a hair-lightening chamomile shampoo in her cosmetic stash.

Chamomile products have fantastic benefits, but you should take care not overuse them. While chamomile does have anti-allergenic effects, its excessive use can actually result in an allergic reaction. This is why you should always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations when using chamomile creams, oils, ointments, or shampoos.

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