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Get rid of hardened skin on your heels and give your toenails a quick and easy trim. We offer everything you need for at-home pedicure and velvety smooth feet. Pick a quality manicure and pedicure kit, electric or mechanical foot file and hydrating cream for hard skin, and show off your beautiful feet.

Home Pedicure Made Quick and Easy

No time or money to get a salon pedicure? has all the necessary equipment for home pedicure and manicure to help you get rid of hard skin, trim your nails and make your feet look simply flawless.

What to Use on Hardened Heels?

  • Pumice stone will remove hardened skin from your feet. It’s affordable, practical, and lasts long.
  • Electric foot file removes hard skin on your heels quickly, effectively and without unnecessary physical strain.
  • Cream for cracked heels moisturises and softens your entire feet to prevent cracked skin. You can use it every day.
  • Exfoliating socks are easy to put on – and then you just simply wait until your skin starts peeling off on its own.
  • Foot scrub gently removes dead skin cells from your feet.
  • Foot mask represents a quick rescue for dry feet by intensely regenerating and hydrating the skin.

How to Trim Your Toenails

Pedicure can be even trickier than manicure because toenails are harder and they have a tendency to grow in. This is why you should take your time when trimming them. And while you’re at it, how about doing a foot treatment while playing your favourite music?

  • Use a good and sharp pair of toe nail clippers or scissors to prevent your nails from splitting and developing ingrowns.
  • Start by soaking your feet in water to soften your toenails and make them easier to trim.
  • Trim the edges of your toenails a little way above your nail beds.

You can finish up by filing the nails and using a nail varnish. Will you go for wild summer colours, or do you prefer a subtle French pedicure?

Trust the time-tested home pedicure products by Scholl, Magnum or Philips and enjoy your smooth feet with every step you take in your sandals or slippers. Start your foot care and pedicure routine today and relish in your perfect feet!