Hair Perfume

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Enjoy your favourite fragrance every time your hair moves. Try a delicate hair mist spray! A classic perfume will give your hair a lovely scent, but using it on a regular basis might dry the texture of your hair. On the other hand, fragrances designed specially for hair have lighter formulas and less alcohol to cause less damage and provide a gentle care. Plus, the scent will last for hours.

How to Use Hair Fragrance?

Spray the hair fragrance from the distance of at least 15 centimetres, but avoid applying it to your clothing. Hair perfume might contain moisturising and nourishing oils which are wonderful for your hair, but could leave oily stains on your clothes.

Buy a hair mist to go with your favourite perfume by Chanel, or Miu Miu, and enjoy the feeling of freshness and a beautiful fragrance all day long.