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Musk perfume

Musk is a wonderful animalistic and intoxicating note commonly used in almost all fragrant compositions. Musk aroma is one of the oldest perfume ingredients, and it balances the perfume composition and adds a subtle touch of sensuality and warmth.


It also helps to fix the fragrance ingredients allowing the resulting fragrance to last much longer on your skin. Musk aroma is also believed to have aphrodisiac potential. It is a soothing scent helping calm the mind and relieve stress.

Musk perfumes smell divine and feel luxurious to wear. The luscious scent will linger on your skin all day long.

Odour profile of musk scent:

Every musk perfume has a character that is defined by its ingredients which makes every fragrance unique. Its rich, sweet, warm and clean scent with a hint of powdery and leathery notes conquers the fragrance world. The musk aroma is included in almost every fragrance composition.

Making musk scent:

Musk was originally harvested from the male musk deer. The strong scent of the pod is used to attract female mates. The musk pods have become one of the most expensive animal products on the planet, and the deer's been protected as an endangered species since 1979. Because of this, the musk used in today's perfumes is a mixture of synthetic and plant-sourced materials such as Garden Angelica, Musk Flower, Ambrette seeds etc.

The musky scent is animalistic and gives an oriental feeling. The musk aroma was even added to mortared walls of mosques to emanate the wonderful fragrance whenever it is warmed by the sun.

Musk perfumes for ladies and men conquer the fragrance world. The musky scent exudes elegance and refinement. Find the best musk perfume for you and wear the scent that was mostly the privilege of royalty and kings!

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