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Regenerating Damaged Hair at Home – Revive Your Hair!

Daily styling, colouring, straightening, curling as well as environmental factors can take their toll on your hair. If you’re suffering from damaged hair without shine, or you just want to prevent damage, add some regenerating products to your hair-care routine and use their high content of nourishing ingredients to quickly revive your hair, giving it irresistible shine and vitality.

How to Regenerate Your Hair?

The wide selection at will make it easy to perform a deep hair regeneration in the comfort of your home with salon-level results. We offer classic as well as leave-in products depending on your hair type, level of damage and frequency of use. Apart from vitamins and other active ingredients, these products also contain healing proteins, strengthening lipids and smoothing keratin to invigorate and improve the quality of your hair.

All you have to do is decide whether your hair is stressed-out, colour-treated, oily, dry and prone to breakage or too fine with a sensitive scalp. We also carry a number of nourishing products suitable for the CGM method.

  • Hair mask is an essential, intensely nourishing product for all hair types. A regenerating hair mask should be applied down the entire length of the hair once a week after washing, and left on for several minutes.
  • Hair conditioner and hair balm should be used after every wash to seal the hair structure, smooth it down and nourish your hair. They also make your hair easier to detangle and prevent static electricity. Notino carries hair balms and conditioners designed for various specific needs of your hair.
  • Regenerating shampoo strengthens and nourishes your hair during washing. Caffeine shampoo also stimulates the hair bulb and promotes blood circulation in the scalp to make your hair grow gorgeous and healthy with reduced fallout.
  • Regenerating oil for dry hair is a leave-in product you can easily apply to wet or dry hair, especially the ends, to provide some nourishment and a natural shine.
  • Hair serum and capsules with a high concentration of active ingredients are great for an instant deep regeneration, hydration and a quick smoothing effect on damaged hair.
  • Regenerating spray is great for everyday use thanks to its light leave-in formula. It doesn’t leave an oily film, absorbs fast and moisturises your hair between washes.
  • Hair repair treatment contains active ingredients that cover your hair in a protective film and intensely nourish the entire damaged hair shaft.
  • Hair regeneration after colouring will help you keep your hair colour nice and bright for a long time while protecting your hair from damage. Discover specialised hair care for colour-treated hair.

Regenerating your hair with keratin, intense hydration of oily hair or a regeneration of highlighted hair? Whether you need to seal dry ends, liven up limp hair or handle your frizzy, unruly mane, quality regenerating product will repair your hair with fast, reliable results. Find your little hair-care wonder at Notino today!