Shampoo Bar

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Try a shampoo bar, save the environment and enjoy having beautiful hair even when you travel. Shampoo bars are  just as effective as normal liquid shampoo, they simply don’t contain water and some preservatives.

Benefits of a Shampoo Bar

  • Doesn’t require a plastic packaging, which makes it more environmentally friendly. You can easily store it in a paper or metal box.
  • There is no risk of spillage when you travel or you knock it over.
  • It’s ideal for air travel because you can take it on board without worrying about the limit on liquids you’re allowed to have.
  • Can be even used instead of washing powder when you need to get rid of a stain.

How to Use a Shampoo Bar

Run a piece of a shampoo bar through your hair a few times or crumble it between your fingers, then lather up and rinse with water.

One solid shampoo ball or cube can last for various amounts of time. On average, it will be gone after approximately two months, depending on its size, the length of your hair, and how often you wash it. Always keep your shampoo bar in a dry place, because it would dissolve if placed in a wet bowl. offers shampoo bars for oily, dry, and damaged hair. Find the right one for you!