Colour correcting palette

Hide all your skin imperfections with a concealer palette and enjoy your gorgeous makeup without any flaws.

The right colour corrector palette will help you cover up your dark circles and acne as well as brighten up your skin.

You might be using skin-coloured concealers to cover your imperfections, but colour correctors might work even better. Their effect is down to the principle of complementary and contrasting colours where one shade can actually neutralise a different shade. The right colour corrector palette will help you hide any flaw.

Shades of colour correcting palette, and their use:

  • Green concealer covers red spots, which makes it brilliant as a colour corrector for acne.
  • Yellow concealer covers purple-grey under-eye circles, brightens up your skin, and can even hide bruises.
  • Orange concealer works similar to the yellow one – you can use it as a corrector for your under-eye circles.
  • Pink concealer brightens up your eye area and hides blue undertones.
  • Red concealer neutralises blue undertones and covers dark circles better than a standard skin-coloured one.
  • Purple concealer neutralises yellow undertones.

How to apply a concealer?

Apply the colour corrector with your fingers, a brush, or a sponge, to the desired area of your face, and blend out. The product should blend into your skin so that there are no visible lines. Follow up by applying your foundation and setting the whole look with a suitable face powder.