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Thierry Mugler Angel

Mugler Angel perfume embodies the elegant and sweet yet devilish women! It is a scent you’ve always dreamt about! These addictive fragrances by Mugler include amazing and very unusual food aromas such as oriental spices, chocolate, vanilla and caramel notes blended into this glamorous scent adored by women all over the world! 

About Thierry Mugler

Thierry Mugler came to the world of fashion from the dance and photography industry. In ’66 he was a performer in the Rhine Opera Ballet and started his journey to luxury fashion guru by freelancing across Europe’s leading fashion houses. During this time hopping between Milan, Paris, and London, he learned everything he could about the industry.

Thierry Mugler quickly established an international reputation for his collections of risqué runway shoes inspired by fetishism and erotica.

He quickly became a leader in unique fashion designs and also took the perfume industry by storm. Explore the world of Mugler Angel fragrances at and find your signature

Mugler Angel Perfume

The unusual and enigmatic meet to conjure a mysterious scent! The Angel fragrances will broaden your horizons and make you feel unique and sexy. Thierry Mugler who is best known for the daring runway fashions has applied the same twists to the Mugler Angel perfume range. And when you find the scent you love, you will love it forever! 

Discover the Angel perfume range at and let these fragrances take you on an exceptional journey full of alluring smells and delicious ingredients. Let them talk to your soul!

Mugler Angel Eau de Parfum for Women

Thierry Mugler Angel was created for women that see themselves as unobtainable! For those who are wanted and still dare to dance just out of reach. Embrace the unusual and exclusive with the Mugler Angel fragrance and let this oriental and mouth-watering scent cover your skin and charm everyone around you all day long! It’s ingredients of vanilla, bergamot, and caramel were combined to scream ‘I am here, I am ready, and I’m cheeky!’ This is the signature Thierry Mugler Angel perfume that should not miss in any perfume enthusiast’s collection. This fragrance is perfect for every occasion, the sky is the limit!

Mugler Angel Refill Eau de Toilette for Women 

This lighter Mugler Angel fragrance will delight you with feelings of carefree innocence. The tonka bean, orchid, and bergamot ingredients will make you feel like you’re receiving a warm hug. The unusual combination of chocolate and caramel will take you back to your childhood. Become the beautiful and chic femme fatale with Mugler Angel and be unforgettable!

Mugler Angel Skin Care

Enjoy this essence of sensuality to the fullest and combine your fragrance with skincare from the same collection! Using scented body care helps to prolong the intoxicating scent on your skin, just build layers! Use a scented shower gel for a burst of scent. Then moisturise your skin with the matching body lotion and build up another layer of lighter fragrance on the skin before spritzing on the perfume. If you want to establish your scent even more and make it stick for longer, reach for scented deodorant from the same range!

Mugler Angel Shower Gel

Level up your beauty routine, there is no better start to the day than a morning shower! Enjoy the captivating scent of Thierry Mugler’s Angel with the shower gel from the same line. The scent of Mugler Angel Shower Gel is so delicious you will never want to get out the shower!

  • Mugler Angel Body Lotion 

Nothing says pampering and elegance like this skin nourishing and hydrating body lotion. Unify your smells and unify your life with Thierry Mugler Angel Body Lotion!

  • Mugler Angel Body Cream for Women 

Give your skin the nourishment and love it deserves and complement the scent of your favourite Mugler fragrance with Mugler Angel Body Cream!

  • Mugler Angel Deo Spray for Women 

Stay dry and refreshed during the busy days with Mugler Angel Deo Spray that always has your back! 

  • Mugler Angel Hair Mist for Women 

When your significant other smells your hair during a day, make it an olfactory experience and enjoy the power of seduction of Mugler Angel Hair Mist! Keep it your secret beauty weapon! 

Mugler Angel Gift Set

Make the woman in your life the happiest by giving her one of luxurious Mugler Angel perfume gift sets. Or spoil yourself today with the fragrance everyone is talking about!

Let all your dreams turn into reality! The uplifting and spirited blend of sweet, oriental scents turned into Mugler Angel, a classic that had never been seen, imagined, or experienced before!