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Winter skincare

Winter is tough on all skin types. The combination of frost, low temperatures and overheated rooms reduces blood flow to the skin, dries it out and irritates it, makes it lose its elasticity and thins the protective layer. Sound familiar? Then get some quality beauty products for winter and don’t forget a protective lip balm and a special cold cream as part of your winter skincare! Your skin will thank you for it when spring comes around!

Moisturising cream for winter


When you start putting the heating on, change your light moisturiser for a denser moisturiser with a higher oil content. The moisturiser will add moisture to skin dried out by freezing weather, soothe faces weathered by the cold and restore a healthy glow.

Don’t believe the myth that water in your moisturiser is going to freeze on the skin and cause it to crack. Even in winter, your skin radiates heat, and the oily components in the moisturiser create a protective film.

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Cold cream against the frost


The best skin cream for winter for dry skin has got to be cold cream. Not only does it nourish your skin, but importantly it also protects it against the negative effects of the cold weather. Cold cream stops that unpleasant tight feeling and redness and even helps with winter acne.

Cold cream is an emulsion on a base of water and oil, the main components of which are usually beeswax or olive oil. Surprisingly, its name does not come from the winter, but the slight cold feeling you get when you apply it.

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Winter face cream with SPF


UV protection for your skin is essential even in winter. Even though the sun is hidden behind the clouds and the thermometer is at zero, around 80% of the UVA and UVB radiation still gets through. Think about that the next time you go for a winter walk or skiing.

Especially in the mountains, the sunlight is more intense and so it is worth getting a special winter sunscreen. A winter cream for the mountains should be at least SPF 30 and ideally contain ingredients such as urea and ceramides to strengthen the skin barrier.


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Protective winter lip balm


In the winter, your lips dry out and crack and are more prone to cold sores, so it’s worth adding a winter lip balm to your daily skincare routine. The best winter lip balms contain nourishing ingredients such as vitamin E, jojoba oil or shea butter. A balm with beeswax will protect your lips against the frost.

Gently exfoliate peeling skin on your lips once a week with a lip scrub. Afterwards, treat your lips with a nourishing mask.

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Other skincare for winter


When removing makeup and cleansing your skin, avoid washing your face with hot water, as it will disrupt your skin’s protective film and make it more sensitive to the bad weather. You should also avoid makeup removers containing alcohol or other drying ingredients, instead opting for a makeup removing oil or cleansing milk.

Add a gentle face scrub to your winter skincare routine once a week, accompanied by a face mask to intensely hydrate and soothe skin irritated by the cold.

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