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Amber perfume

Amber perfume is the best scent to wrap yourself in during cold winter days. The luscious blend of woody and sweet notes with a hint of spicy accords gives every perfume composition warm and cosy feeling. The powdery and sweet scent will linger on your skin all day long.


Amber essential oil has many positive effects including calming the mind, lowering stress and anxiety, boosting the brain and more.

Odour profile of the amber scent:

Amber scent is resinous with a sensual combination of sweet woody notes, spice and honey. It is cosy and warm with a hint of a powdery note, and it is admired for its grace and elegance. Amber aroma blends perfectly with other perfume ingredients and gives every fragrance oriental and mysterious feeling.

Making the amber scent:

Amber is the fossilized resin of conifer tree that has taken millions of years to form, most of the amber is in the range of 50 – 300 million years old. The resin is produced to protect the three from disease and injury inflicted by insects and fungi. It has a light fragrance of pine and golden colour, like honey. This aromatic resin also referred to as an organic gemstone is found in almost every part of the globe.

The amber note has been famous for its warmth and grace ever since antiquity. The natural amber produces very little scent, so for perfumery purposes, it is recreated from a mix of labdanum, benzoin and tonka beans. It is usually combined with a hint of vanilla, tobacco or almond essence for even more powdery, cosy and warm scent.

There is also another type of amber used in the perfumery, the grey amber also called ambergris. It is often referred to as a „sea gold“ because it comes from some species of a sperm whale. It is a wax-like growth, that forms in whale's stomach and intestines and it is excreted from the animal. Grey amber is one of the most valuable raw materials in perfumery, and it is very rare. These days the ambergris essence is being produced artificially. The scent of grey amber is earthy and sweet.

Let yourself be drawn to the world of luxurious amber fragrances and indulge in the cosy, warm feeling during cold winter days. The sweet amber fragrance will linger on your skin all day long, and the mysterious oriental scent will draw everyone's attention. Find the best amber perfume at

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