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Forget about sweat stains and enjoy the feeling of freshness all day long. All you need is a good antiperspirant that will protect you from excessive sweating.

Boost your confidence and enjoy every day to the max!

Which Antiperspirant Should You Go For?

If you sweat really heavily, you’ll need a strong antiperspirant against excessive perspiration. You can choose a product with a fruity, floral, or herbal scent, or simply pick one that is fragrance-free, so that it doesn’t clash with your perfume. has a wide selection of antiperspirants for men and women, including antiperspirants for sensitive skin that are free of irritants. If you prefer a product with mild ingredients, a natural antiperspirant without unnecessary synthetics is the right choice.

Types of Antiperspirant

Do you have a favourite type of antiperspirant in terms of packaging or formula? Use the filter on the left to select the kind you prefer:

  • Antiperspirant in Spray
  • Roll-On Antiperspirant
  • Solid Antiperspirant or Stick Antiperspirant
  • Cream Antiperspirant

What’s the Difference between a Deodorant and an Antiperspirant?

  • An antiperspirant actually prevents sweating and helps keep your underarms dry.
  • A deodorant prevents unpleasant odour by blocking the reaction between sweat and the bacteria on your skin.
  • There are also combination deodorant-antiperspirant products.

Trust the experts on perspiration! Try antiperspirants by Bioderma, Vichy, or Dove, and enjoy a feeling of freshness all day long!