Lily of the valley perfume

Thought to symbolise love, tenderness and innocence, the lily of the valley is a small forest flower that grows in the temperate climate of Asia and Europe where it’s become part of legends, poems and traditions. The aroma of lily of the valley brings to mind sunny spring days and lifts the spirits like nothing else.


Characteristics of lily of the valley scent:

Delicate floral green scent with a clean and bright profile.

How the lily of the valley aroma is obtained:

The scent is extracted from the small lily of the valley blossoms. However, it is also often created synthetically.

The delicate scent of lily of the valley was a particular favourite of Christian Dior, which is why he based the Diorissimo perfume around its aroma. There are many beautiful lily of the valley fragrances – you just need to find the right one for you!

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