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Versace Eros perfume collection

Fragrances and aftershaves we wear extend our personalities. Surround yourself with the captivating aura of Versace Eros fragrance and let your sensuality show! Versace Eros perfume collection was inspired by Greek mythology and embodies raw seduction, passion and power. Discover the Versace perfume collection at and let your personality shine through with your new alluring fragrance!

About Versace

An Italian fashion brand based in Milan, founded in 1978 by Gianni Versace, took the world of fashion and perfumery by storm becoming a synonym to glam and luxurious lifestyle. Gianni learned about designing from his mother, who had a dressmaking business. 

Since 1997, Gianni’s sister Donatella Versace has been artistic director of the Versace company and the brand is one of the few remaining family-controlled businesses in the industry. She describes the brand as, ‘Versace was – and still is – about the sophisticated woman who is elegant, not afraid of her own sensuality, and not afraid to dare or take risks in life’.

The iconic Medusa head logo, bold and colourful fashion designs and sensual fragrances are adored by those wanting something a little different and appreciate the nuances of Italian luxury.

Versace Eros Perfume and Aftershave

The Versace Eros perfume collection offers fragrances for men and women who dare to emphasize charisma and capture looks and hearts of the passers-by. Versace Eros range was created for passionate and confident personalities, masters of themselves. A fragrance from this perfume line should not miss in perfume collection of any true fragrance enthusiast! 

Browse a range of Versace colognes for men and perfumes for women and choose your favourite fragrance at!

Versace Eros for Women

Love, passion and beauty characterize the Versace Eros perfume collection that captures the unique sensual essence of femininity. Fragrance line inspired by the greatest love story of in Greek mythology will charm your senses and leave a long-lasting impression

Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau de Parfum

Meet the feminine version of Versace’s best selling Eros scent. A fragrance with fresh accords of Sicilian lemon and jasmine is well-balanced with sweet peony petals and sensual wood. This luminous perfume in a beautiful gold bottle embodies luxury and femininity. The intense perfume version of Versace Eros Eau de Parfum will linger on your skin for hours.

Versace Eros Pour Femme Eau de Toilette

A lighter version of iconic Versace Eros scent embodies seduction and individuality. A refined accord of lemon and jasmine followed by vibrant Calabrian bergamot and wood create a beautiful blend full of feminine notes that make Versace Eros Eau de Toilette a perfect fragrance suitable for warm weather. 

Combine the Versace Eros Pour Femme fragrance with skincare products from the same line and prolong the fragrance impression on your skin. Spoil yourself or your loved ones with luxurious Versace Eros Pour Femme gift sets today and give the gift of luxury.

Versace Eros for Men

Power, strength and desire are the key concepts of Versace Eros line for men. The mythological story of great love and seduction inspired the scent that is capturing the hearts of women all over the world. 

Versace Eros Flame Eau de Parfum

Versace Eros Flame strikes you right through the heart. The sensual blend of fruits and spices combined with aromatic rosemary and geranium finishes with a warm base of cedar, vetiver and sandalwood, leaving a seductive essence on your skin all day long.

Versace Eros Eau de Toilette

Experience Versace Eros scent in a lighter composition that makes Versace Eros Eau de Toilette a perfect fragrance for warmer weather. Its fruity-floral composition leaves a sensual aroma on your skin. The well-balanced scent consists of sweet peony and magnolia notes combined with warm woody and musky notes. 

Versace Eros Aftershave and Skincare for Men

Luxury aftershave and skincare products by Versace will perfect the finishing touches of your everyday grooming ritual. Combine your favourite Versace Eros fragrance with products from the same line and prolong the seductive scent on your skin.

Versace Eros Aftershave for Men

Versace Eros aftershaves replenish the oils and protect your skin from the rigours of the day and indeed the night.

Versace Eros Deodorant

Depending on your preference for sprays or sticks, your deodorant should smell good and keep you dry no matter the situation. 

Versace Eros Shower gel

Using matching shower gels and other grooming products leads to an extra layer of scent that comes out hours later and helps the fragrance last much longer.

The Versace Eros line offers a little adventure and passion in everyday life. Discover the Versace brand at and enjoy all the alluring fragrances, aftershaves and beauty products that emphasize your style and help personalities to shine through!