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Vetiver perfume

If you are looking for a scent which is known for its beneficial stress-relieving effects, you've come to the right place. Vetiver scent will steal your heart and calm your mind.


This 'oil of tranquillity' has a long and rich history starting in ancient India and for its calming and soothing properties have been believed to help dispel anger, hysteria and irritability ever since. Dry and woody vetiver essence is very popular especially in niche perfumery and for its refreshing effects is a great companion for your summer days.

Odour profile of vetiver aroma:

Vetiver's woody earthiness made it one of the finest oriental essences known in perfumery since ancient times. Its smokiness is masculine but also warm, spicy and green with a wonderful hint of bitter chocolate and wood. The vetiver oil produced in Haiti will captivate you with its refreshing citrusiness.

Making the vetiver scent:

Vetiver is a tropical grass that is native to India and Indonesia, most of the vetiver oil used these days comes mainly from Haiti. The oil is extracted from the long web-like roots while the upper part of the plant is used for a variety of other purposes. The scent of vetiver oil improves as it ages, the best oil is made with roots, that have been aged between 18-24 months. The oil is made either by steam distillation technique or by molecular distillation using carbon dioxide.

The aroma of vetiver has been known for its soothing and stress-relieving effects since ancient times, and its mysterious oriental aroma has become a popular ingredient especially in niche perfumery. Its warm woody scent with a hint of a crushed-green leaves freshness makes it the best companion in hot summer days. It is time to find your drop of tranquillity at Cover yourself in a calming vetiver perfume today!

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