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Iris perfume

The delicate iris blossom is a symbol of faith, hope and cherished friendships. Its mysterious, delicately powdery scent is said to open souls and set a meditative mood. The flower was named after Iris, the Greek goddess of the rainbow which is reflected in iris blossoms. In many countries, iris is the symbol of spring. In the perfume industry, it’s one of the most expensive and esteemed fragrance ingredients.


Characteristics of iris scent:

Powdery aroma with earthy and woody green nuances. Resembles the scent of violet.

How the iris aroma is obtained:

The aromatic essence is obtained from the iris rhizomes hidden in the ground – not from the blossoms. The rhizomes have to be left to dry for several years, and once they’re ready, they’re steamed to distil the so-called iris butter. The scent of iris can also be created synthetically, but luxury fragrances mostly use the natural extract. The velvety elegant scent of iris combines beautifully with other floral, herbal and woody notes and makes them more intense. Find your perfect iris fragrance today!

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