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Calvin Klein

About Calvin Klein

The brand was founded in 1968 by Calvin Klein and his business partner Barry Schwartz. In 1980s Calvin Klein took the humble jean and turned it into a designer object of desire when the brand name was embroidered on the back-pocket of the jeans.

Simple, clean lines and muted designs became synonymous for the Calvin Klein brand. Also Calvin Klein perfumes became iconic not only for their fragrance compositions but also for the perfect clean designs. In the early 1970s Klein introduced the first fragrances and they still capture the spirit of the decade they were created in.

In the early 1990s Calvin Klein introduced revolutionary fragrances Obsession and Eternity, which have became legendary scents and have solidified the position of Calvin Klein as a leading global brand. The Calvin Klein fragrances are created in collaboration with leading perfumers from around the world and under the auspices of Coty, the world´s leading cosmetic company.

When You Hear the Name Calvin Klein…

… what do you think of? A Calvin Klein handbag? Calvin Klein underwear? Or the iconic Calvin Klein Euphoria fragrance? They’re all the right answers.

The Calvin Klein brand encompasses a broad portfolio of products – you might actually have some of them in your wardrobe or your beauty stash. Calvin Klein is a global lifestyle brand which represents values like bravery and progressive ideals. These reflect in the alluring and often minimalist aesthetic of their fashion. Across their portfolio, Calvin Klein is always a timeless, modern, classic, and provocative brand. However, it would be none of those things without Calvin Klein – the man who was born on 19 November 1942 in Bronx.

Calvin Klein – the Unknown Designer

Apart from the designer’s own talent and effort, the brand Calvin Klein can also attribute part of its success to his parents. Calvin’s father owned a grocery shop while his mother who worked at a dressmaker’s passed her love for fashion and design down onto her son. Calvin’s first artistic expressions came in the form of fashion sketches when he was still a teenager. Later he further developed his talents at a high school which specialised in art and design, and finally confirmed it by graduating from The New York State University in 1963.

How the Calvin Klein Brand Grew

Over the course of the subsequent 5 years, Calvin Klein gained experience before starting his own business. In 1968, he made his mark in the world of fashion when he founded his own company along with his associate Barry Schwarz. They soon became known for their suits and coats, followed by the success of the Calvin Klein sportswear.

Calvin Klein Fashion from A to Z

In the beginning of 1970s, Calvin Klein started becoming really successful and the brand began manufacturing more and more fashion items including accessories. Calvin Klein shoes for women, Calvin Klein handbags and boots were quickly in high demand because the minimalist style of the brand make them easy to mix and match. The brand further expanded in the 1980s and gained even more success with their CK underwear. Even Calvin Klein fragrances became an essential accessory for many customers.

Calvin Klein for Everyone, Every Day

Calvin Klein is a parent brand of several other brands: Calvin Klein Underwear uses provocative elements in their advertising to sell their top-quality underwear products, offering the amazingly comfortabel Calvin Klein boxers as well as underwear for women. Calvin Klein Jeans is an informal section of the brand, characterised by denim wear and the trendy clothing of this line is famous for being well-made and featuring unique details. Finally, Calvin Klein Performance offers products for active men and women, and the brand also sells swim wear, shoes, and kids’ clothing.

Calvin Klein Fragrance

Where fashion flourishes, perfume soon follows – which is why Calvin Klein fragrances have now been well-loved around the world for years. Their top quality and the work of many perfumers has really paid off and many women and men are proud to own a Calvin Klein fragrance.

Calvin Klein Fragrances for Women

Calvin Klein fragrances for women have been captivating people’s senses since the 1980s when the spicy oriental Calvin Klein Obsession was first introduced. But other Calvin Klein fragrances also prove that CK knows how to design a perfume. The CK Eternity for women has been available in various versions including Calvin Klein Eternity Air, Flame, Intense, or Moment, and most women will absolutely love receiving a Calvin Klein Eternity gift set.

The intoxicating, long-lasting aroma and the inimitable bottle are the main reasons why women have loved Calvin Klein Euphoria ever since its launch in 2005. This fragrance also later came as the CK Deep Euphoria Eau de Parfum, and both Euphoria and Deep Euphoria have their lighter versions in the form of the Calvin Klein Euphoria Eau de Toilette – ideal for everyday wear.

Calvin Klein Beauty and Sheer Beauty are a celebration of feminine beauty CK One Shock Eau de Toilette and IN2U are perfect for daring women who go wherever life takes them.

Calvin Klein Fragrances for Men

A Calvin Klein aftershave for men always brings elegance, timelessness, and it’s the perfect choice for any modern man. Just like the CK Obsession for women, the Calvin Klein Obsession Eau de Parfum for men hasn’t lost any of its spark and has been a staple for many men ever since the 1980s – similar to the CK Eternity.

Calvin Klein Eternity was the Eau de Toilette which became an icon in the world of CK masculine fragrance. The original, Eternity for Men, was later followed by CK Eternity Air for Men, Flame for Men, and Eternity Eau de Parfum. Even if you’re not an enthusiast, you might love the Calvin Klein Eternity gift set. The massive success of Euphoria for women inspired the brand to create Euphoria Men Eau de Toilette, thus completing a duet of seductive fragrances.

In the world of masculine fragrance, CK One Eau de Toilette symbolises freshness which can be also found in CK One Shock or CK Free. However, CK One fragrances are most famous for their unisex Eau de Toilettes which helped Calvin Klein start a little fragrance revolution in the 1990s.

Calvin Klein Unisex Fragrances

The line between Calvin Klein Eau de Toilettes for women and men became obsolete and the CK One Eau de Toilette has been the brand’s flagship fragrance ever since. To cater to a wide range of tastes, Calvin Klein produced other unisex fragrances: The CK One Gold or Platinum are amzing for those who love something special and CK One Summer is the perfect embodiment of a wild summer across the whole portfolio of Calvin Klein fragrances for women and men. Discover the large palette of CK fragrance.

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