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Apple perfume

Who doesn’t love the juicy and refreshing scent of freshly picked apples that gives you so much energy for the entire day! Apples come in thousands of different varieties and they can be found growing on every continent except for the Antarctic.


They have been known to humans for thousands of years and the apple-shaped globus cruciger symbolises both royalty and the forbidden fruit of the Bible.

Characteristics of apple scent:

A fresh, delicious, fruity fragrance. The scent of green apples tends to be more refreshing than that of red apples.

How the apple aroma is obtained:

The aroma can be extracted from fresh apples. However, usually it’s obtained by mixing aromatic compounds and essential oils.

Apple fragrances include refreshing scents for hot summer days as well as more delicate compositions to warm you up in autumn weather. Find yours today!

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