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Autumn Niche Fragrance

Fallen leaves in their myriad colours, shorter days with only a few moments of sunlight, and cold, sharp air. A scarf or a shawl around your neck, first morning frost on the grass, sparkling and melancholy... Say hello to autumn, a magical time of scents that can warm you up.


We’ve composed a special list of niche fragrances that are absolutely perfect for this special time of year. There are many warm and intense perfumes with an oriental feel, full of amber and sweet vanilla you almost want to taste, exotic spices, the heavy scent of woods and mysterious incense. There are also intoxicating floral fragrances that exude calm and comfort, gourmand fragrances that bring joy into your life, or opulent and daring leather compositions. All these unique and luxurious creations will make the cold autumn days brighter and warm you up in an instant.

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