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Lavender perfume

Because of its calming and relaxing effects, lavender has been used in aromatherapy since antiquity when people used it for a better sleep. Lavender gives fragrances an unmistakeable aroma and intensity – no wonder it’s called the treasure of the South of France. The best lavender grows in Provence and the scent is part of almost all classic French perfumes. 


Characteristics of lavender scent:

Clean and aromatic, this scent differs based on the location where the flower grew. While French lavender is sweet and floral, Dutch lavender with its high content of camphor and terpenes smells sharp and very aromatic.

How the lavender aroma is obtained:

Lavender essential oil is obtained by distilling the blossoms after the harvest at the beginning of August. About 130kg of true lavender blossoms are needed for 1 litre of lavender oil.

Lavender perfumes are intoxicating, deep, and always cheerful. Have you found yours yet?

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